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As part of our dedication to cotton growers and the wider cotton industry we pride ourselves on our Customer Operations Team.

The team consists of experienced field staff whose priority is to create and maintain relationships with growers at a regional level.

We assist growers in making the ginning process as smooth as possible as well as the marketing of lint, cotton seed and grains.

These Australian products are then taken to the domestic and world markets as a premium quality product. Our Customer Operations Team are regionally based and located in the major cotton growing valleys, so they are part of the communities that they serve.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our services and this has led to the creation of our online Grower Portal, allowing growers to source up to date reporting of their progress when it comes to ginning, their classing information as well as all financial transactions with Namoi Cotton Limited at a time that best suits their needs.

Cotton Gin Trash

Following the signature of an amended MOU in October 2018 by Cotton Australia, Australian Cotton Ginners Association, Cattle Council of Australia and the Australian Lot Feeders Association and the issuance of an Emergency Permit by the APVMA, cotton gin trash is now able to be fed to livestock.

The documents for the above approval are attached below.

All enquiries to source cotton gin trash from Namoi Cotton gin sites should be made to Shane McGregor (EGM Commercial Development) on 0746 316 109. For further information, please visit the Cotton Australia website. 


Amended MOU            APVMA Emergency Permit           LPA Fact Sheet - Cotton Trash

2021 Cotton Gin trash has not yet been through the approval process.

2020 approved Namoi Cotton sites holding cotton gin trash are:

  • MacIntyre
  • Merah North
  • Boggabri
  • Trangie
  • Hillston

Grower Services

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We assist growers, making the ginning and marketing process as smooth as possible.

Meet the Customer Engagement Team

Get to know our Customer Engagement Team. 

Owen Webb

Lead Account Manager - Border Rivers & Western QLD

Nathan Hunter

Lead Account Manager, Northern Australia, Central Queensland, Dawson-Callide, Gwydir & Upper Lachlan

Jacob Booby

Account Manager - Namoi Valley

Andrew Jurgs

Cottonseed Trading Manager

Scott McNickle

Account Manager - Macquarie & Lower Lachlan Valley

Jock Jackson

account manager - darling downs and murrumbidgee

Pat Lash

Account Manager - Lower Namoi

Mike Murray

Wathagar Gin Manager

Mitch Dufty

Boggabri Gin Manager

Mark Russell

Trangie Gin Manager

Neil Towns

Moomin & North Bourke Gin Manager

Luke Dewson

Merah North Gin Manager

Ernie Silcock

MacIntyre Gin Manager

Grower News

Learn about what's happening at Namoi Cotton and in the cotton markets.

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Namoi Cotton Limited is pleased to advise the appointment of Mr John Stevenson (FCA, GAICD, FGIA, BBus.) as Chief Financial Officer.

Namoi Cotton is committed to the health and well-being of our communities and staff.

The Namoi Cotton Limited Chairman, Mr Tim Watson today announced Mr Jeremy Callachor has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer of...


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Corporate Office:1b Kitchener Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Australia
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Mail:PO Box 1333, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Australia

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